Innovative and Creative Data Driven Leadership


Demonstrating a comprehensive set of abilities, knowledge, and leadership to help transform, evolve, and transcend


It is no longer acceptable to follow historical approaches, traditional ideas, or what worked in the past.  New ideas, new leadership styles and finally, disruptive approaches are required to succeed in the current market.  

In my prior and current roles, I continue to be a thought leader in numerous projects and deliverables.  Application of advanced methods in data visualizations, drawings, and story boards we are able to breakdown complex topics into understandable issues with a variety of solutions.

Believer and supporter of failing fast, creating the least viable product and continual testing of ideas and solutions.  Through these methods, business solutions and technical applications can be quickly designed, validated and implemented.


Advanced Tools

Skilled in a variety of tools including Tableau for rapid data analysis and visualization.  Utilizing Python or R to do advanced data preparation including utilization of Pandas and ScikitLearn for data modeling and predictive frameworks.

Demonstrated ability to work with data of all sizes from traditional excel documents to 'Big Data' in hadoop.  Depending upon the questions being asked, each tool presents an efficient and effective means to answer it.

Example Visualization Design

The following was created in Tableau leveraging publicly available volume data from ICE and CME Group markets.  As you can see the dashboard exhibits a multidimensional view of these competitive markets on the top half enriched by displaying target market share.  This view gives a holistic understanding to short-term trend, long-term trends, and finally market share targets for each energy product.